Anxiety Medication – Treatment of Symptoms

Anxiety disorders seem to be epidemic in our society; affecting almost one in nine Americans and filling their lives with overwhelming fear. If we are facing an exceptionally difficult situation at work or in our private life, the stress can create anxiety, which can grow progressively worse without treatment. As there are effective treatments for the symptoms of anxiety you should always seek professional help.

Anxiety is usually divided into three main categories, general anxiety, panic disorder and phobias. Generalized anxiety disorder is emotional turmoil that seems to have a life of its own, unlike phobias or panic attacks it is not always clear what has caused the anxiety attack and with no identifiable cause the problem begins to feed off itself.

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms include losing patience, depression, having difficulty concentrating, How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription sleep problems, always thinking the worse will happen and becoming obsessional or preoccupied with one Buy Xanax Online subject.

The physical symptoms of anxiety can include headaches, dizziness, stomach upsets, flatulence and loose bowel movements, excessive thirst, pounding heart, tremors, loss of interest in sex, painful or no periods, and pins and needles.

Counseling, psychotherapy and self-help measures should be considered for treating anxiety before you turn to drugs, as some anxiety medication can cause side effects similar to the anxiety symptoms.

So lets take a look at some of the different types of anxiety medication that you may be prescribed for the treatment of symptoms:
Xanax is used to treat anxiety attacks and panic disorders caused by depression. It works by rebalancing the chemicals in the brain. This and other benzodiazepines like Librium, Valium, Serax, Tranxene and Ativan and should not be used if you are pregnant because it can cause birth defects in the baby.

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