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Thermoelectric cooling technology can now be found in household appliances, one of these being a wine cooler. This operates on a principle of physics discovered by a French scientist, Jean Peltier, in the nineteenth century. 紅酒櫃 found that when electricity flows through two metal semiconductors which are connected, one end is heated and the other cooled depending on the direction of the flow of the electric current.

Principles put into practice

This scientific discovery has been harnessed to provide a cooling system for the storage of wines, among other things. It was discovered that when heat generated from one side is driven away by the use of fans, the cold end of the conductor cools down the temperature within the appliance.

Silent and vibration-free

An advantage of a thermoelectric wine cooler is that it does not operate with a compressor which is what causes the noise and vibration from your regular kitchen fridge. For wine storage this is particularly important as any vibration can cause the sediment in the wine to shift and spoil the flavour and consistency of the wine. Having no moving parts, it is also silent which is great if you like to have your wine cabinet in your dining room for entertaining guests or perhaps handy to your bedside in the master bedroom.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Since it is important to care for our environment, a thermoelectric wine cooler is a good environmentally friendly choice as it does not contain any harmful cooling agents such as chlorofluorocarbon gases which deplete the ozone layer. They also use less electricity and are therefore energy efficient.

Careful placing

It is, however, very important to follow the manual when placing your thermoelectric wine cooler as room temperature has a bearing on the temperature within your wine chiller. Room temperature must not be higher than 77F or lower than 50F so do not place it near a heat source or draughty area such as a window. Neither is it suitable for a basement or decking area due to temperature fluctuations. However, if placed in a constant temperature setting they actually have more exact temperature control and less fluctuations than other wine coolers.

Sizes and designs

Thermoelectric wine fridges come in different sizes and designs to meet your drinking preferences, budget and living space size. These coolers tend to be more compact and you will typically find them in the form of eight, twelve, sixteen and eighteen bottle coolers. Designs will include sliding metal racks, soft interior lighting to attractively showcase your collection, LED displays, touch control panels, and insulated doors with tinted glass for ultraviolet protection. Popular color finishes include black, chrome, stainless steel and silver.

A worthwhile option

For these reasons thermoelectric wine coolers are becoming increasingly popular amongst wine collectors. They have also been found to be reliable and will last you well for many years, making them a worthwhile investment. Therefore, it is certainly something you should consider when choosing a wine cooler.

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