Choosing Bulldogs for Sale Online

Choosing a puppy online is a very tricky affair. Aside from the fact that there will be lots of websites declaring that they are the best in business and offering you good deals for a puppy, you also have a lot of puppies to choose from French bulldogs for sale. With so many people out to make some extra cash, it is not easy to find genuine breeders that care about the dogs they are breeding and want to give you the best quality bulldogs.

The term ‘Bulldog’ is commonly used when referring to the English bulldogs, but, there are other types of bulldogs such as American bulldogs and French bulldogs. French bulldogs are believed to have originated from England.

Of these groups the French bulldog is the most expensive. The first thing to look for when going through the various websites is the prices of the puppies. If the deal is too good, then walk away. Bulldogs are pricey and any website offering ridiculously low prices is either a scam or their bulldogs are low quality dogs that will end up having a lot of problems later in life. French bulldogs go for $1500 or more, while American bulldogs will be in the $800-$1000 range. Prices of bulldogs will depreciate as the bulldogs grow older; the higher prices are for high quality puppies.

Bulldogs are very adorable animals, but, if you base your selection on their looks alone you might end up getting disappointed. Take your time when selecting, have a list of bulldogs standards as well as characteristics. Carefully look at the pictures on the breeder’s website. What condition is the dog in? Does the dog look thin or fat? Look at the detail supplied by the website about the dog, is it from a well known lineage? Can the ancestors of the dog be traced? If the website does not provide such details you can always inquire

If you decide to have a bulldog puppy, you have to remember some few things about this breed of dog. Bulldogs can have many health problems and it starts from its birth because of their high mortality rate. What you do is you can choose a puppy that is at least eight weeks old, it’s not aggressive and can be very friendly. You can have it check it with a veterinary if it is in good health because there are many health problems some puppy bulldogs may have, especially on its nose and ears area.

You can start to train your bulldog puppy as soon as you get home but make sure that your dog is old enough and it has been socialized properly. It can create a lot of aggressive behavior when your puppy is not socialized with other people or dogs.

You can start your bulldog puppy with some basic house training. Your bulldog can be stubborn when it is young so it is important that you use crate training and you are always at home for their house breaking. Don’t expect rapid results when potty training, potty training a bulldog, like with any other dog, it will take patience and practice.

Now that you have established basic training with your puppy, you need to show your puppy that you are the alpha pack leader in your home. You can train your puppy not to bite or nip by making a clear whining sound when they do and disconnect all play instantly for a couple minutes. This will help them connect biting or nipping with undesirable results, like playtime is over. Don’t let your puppy jump on your couch and don’t let them sleep in your bed. Use the crate as much as possible when your puppy is young

Temperament: one of the main advantages of the dog is that he has a great temperament; therefore, he easily gets along with the family members. He also easily gets along with other pets. If you have small kids, you don’t have to be worried of leaving them around the dog. This is because even if they hurt him, he does not get angry.

Requires little space: since he doesn’t like exercising, he doesn’t require a lot of exercising space. This means that you can comfortably live with him even if you live in an apartment.

Rarely barks: unlike other dogs that bark unnecessarily, the English bulldog rarely barks. In fact he only barks when absolutely necessary. For example, when he is very hungry or when he sees a total stranger. The easy going nature of the dog means that you will never have complaints from neighbors saying that the dog is disturbing the peace.

Has a ferocious look: the ferocious look of the dog will deter intruders from getting into your house or compound; therefore, when you leave the dog in your house, you are confident that no one will get into your house.

Easy to take care of: the dog’s coat is easy to take care of because you can easily attend to it without taking the dog to a canine beauty parlor. The only thing you need to do is to occasionally trim his toe nails. Since he tends to shed easily, you should also brush his coat regularly to remove loose fur

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