Fleet Management Software, What It Can Do For Your Business

There are a number of companies that provide fleet management software, Chevin Fleet, Concepts-Online, FleetCheck and Ctrack to name a few. The products vary greatly in capabilities and price. When choosing a solution for your business, make sure that it fits your business requirements now and in the future. Future proofing is hard but necessary. Can greater functionality be added or upgraded in the future? Migrating to a different system at a later date could be a costly and time-consuming process.

When it comes to centralising the management of fleet vehicle and driver information then a powerful but simple to use system is a must. As standard most systems have the ability to store vehicle information such as servicing history and repair status, MOT information and vehicle taxation. Another function is to add driver records to the system, useful data like driving qualifications, medical requirements and endorsement history can What Are Fleet Management Software Tools & Solutions? all be accessed along with your fleet information.

From the point of view of servicing and maintaining a number of vehicles, fleet management software should have the functionality to-setup reminders and alerts for vehicle repairs, servicing or MOT and tax due dates. Drivers should be able to enter vehicle check results and highlight any problems with vehicles or assets. This will allow the planning and re-organisation of resources if necessary. Also all service and repair history and related documents should be stored for reporting purposes.

Financial and vehicle reporting is essential to understanding fleet costs and the best fleet management software solutions take care of this. Producing reports on vehicle costs can help your business to understand the expenses associated with each vehicle and ultimately find ways to reduce costs. This is especially useful when combined with vehicle telematics information such as mileage and fuel consumption.

Above all, fleet management software should enhance your business and the running of your fleet vehicles. A simple to use and customisable user interface should allow your employees to mould the software to your business needs. Ensuring the product can handle the size of your business or grow along with you is fundamental to making the right choice.

Some companies such as Ctrack and FleetCheck offer full online systems packed full of features and reporting to manage the fleet. Others such as Concepts-online offer a modular system that integrates with other products like vehicle and people tracking systems, work planners and job dispatch systems. This is very useful when starting a small business with future growth expectations.

As with any software purchase or subscription, it is very important to look at the type and level of support available to you. Be sure to check any terms and conditions of Service Level Agreements to ensure that they meet your business requirements.

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