House of the Dragon- The Heirs of the Drago

Episode 1 of House of the Dragon begins with House Targaryen at the height of its . Ten adult dragons lay under their banner and the year is 101AC. King Jaehaerys called a great council to choose an heir. Over a 1000 lords make the journey, with 14 different succession claims heard. Bur only 2 are truly considered.

Princess Rhaenys and Prince Viserys Targaryen. Declared by all the lords, Prince Viserys is made the future King. A woman will not inherit the Iron Throne… for now. The irony here is that the council was called to stop a war breaking out but yet the irony here is that the family themselves are on the brink of declaring war itself.

Fast forward 9 years and King Viserys I is on the throne. We’re 172 years before the death of the mad King, Aerys, and the birth of Daenerys, who obviously goes mental and slaughters everyone at the sound of bells. But I digress. You can watch free movie online and also you can download seasons like game of thrones house of the dragon on 4khotvideo.

Dragon and Targaryen live in harmony, with the city thriving and the House at the height of its power. Princess Rhaenyra is the focal point here, and after flying in on a dragon and meeting her friend Alicent Hightower. She has desires to fight in big battles and head out on the battlefield but her mother is quick to quell those doubts. For now, she’s stuck with filling goblets for the council.

In the wake of the Targaryen arrogance, believing themselves to be untouchable, there are problems. The growing Alliance in the Free Cities have convened on Bloodstone, led by the Prince Admiral known colloquially as “Crab Feeder.” Lord Corlys Velaryon’s concerns are met with an indifferent shrug.

King Viserys is expecting the birth of his child soon and he’s convinced that it’s to be a boy. Rhaenyra listens quietly, eyeing up the various men of influence around this table. For now, Rhaenyra visits Prince Daemon Targaryen. She finds him sitting on the Iron Throne, but this is much much accurate to how the books described the chair, surrounded by hundreds of swords, sticking out like thin gravestones. Daemon hands over a necklace for the young princess; Valerian steel.

Daemon is in charge of the armies and he’s quick to rile up his Gold Cloaks, deciding to conquer King’s Landing and make them “fear the colour gold.” And part of that comes from some pretty gnarly punishments. Daemon himself delivers several killing blows, going after criminals and hauling away dismembered remains.

The King has been under heavy stresses lately and unfortunately, that means his health has taken a bit of a battering. The Grand Maester checks out a nasty wound on the man’s back, coming to the conclusion that it needs to be cauterized. As for Viserys, he’s absolutely adamant he’s having a son, telling his wife about his vivid dreams of their son wearing a crown and ruling. After losing 5 babies, the Queen is quick to point out that this is the last time. “I’ve mourned all the dead children than I can.” She says at last. An ominous bit of foreshadowing perhaps?

After overhearing the council speaking ill of his claim, news reaches Viserys and Otto that Daemon toasted to Prince Baelon and “the heir for a day” that night in the city. Of course, this does not go down well with the King, who venomously brings Daemon before him and demands the truth.

Daemon admits to what he said, but also throws back that Viserys has turned away from his own family, with Daemon urging Viserys to let him be Hand to the King. Unfortunately, Daemon is banished, forced to return to his estranged wife and no longer in succession for the throne. Daemon does what he’s told, but he’s not particularly happy about it.

In his absence, Viserys turns to Princess Rhaenyra and councils her on the dragons and their history. In fact, in his most crucial moment, he decides Daemon is not meant to hold the throne – Rhaenyra is. He puts her forward as his successor. In doing so, Viserys also brings a warning. He speaks of Aegon’s dream about the end of the world of men. It begins with a terrible winter from the North. “All of Westeros must stand against it.” He tells her, going on to reveal that this secret has been passed from Aegon to each successive heir. She promises and and as such, the first episode ends with Rhaenyra due to take the throne.

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