How A Whole House Big Blue Water Filter System Will Keep Your Family Safe From Bugs And Diseases

Expert Author John Helios

Big blue water filters come as single units or can be used in a whole house big blue water filters system. The whole house water filter system consists of main filter housing and at least one filter cartridge.

If you are concerned about your water then you should really go for a two filter housing installation which will give you two levels of filtration and protection.

The first filter will be for larger bits of sediment and the other will deal with smaller viruses and chemicals. Why you should get a filter system.

What Is In The Average Tap/Faucet Water In Your Household?


In March 2008 the Associated Press published reports found various pharmaceutical compounds in the water supply. Your municipal water treatment facility cannot deal with 100% of these chemicals.

Microbial Cysts

Microbial cysts can enter your water from animal or human fecal waste. Cryptosporidium commonly found in lakes and rivers may enter your water supply. These microbial cysts cause nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal illnesses and stomach cramps if not cleared from your system effectively.

Agricultural Pollutants

Agricultural pollutants are the run-off form herbicide and insecticides from the agricultural industry that can be dangerous to your health.

Common pollutants are toxaphene which can cause liver or kidney berkey vs propur problems. Then there is simazine, atrazine and carbofuran which can cause anything from cardiovascular and reproduction problems to blood and nervous systems disorders.

Sediment (Rust)

Sediment such as sand and dirt can come from soil runoff, while rust can come from corrosion of steel and iron pipes from your own pipes or water main. If there are too many of these particulates in your water it can cause nausea, cramps and diarrhea.

Peace Of Mind

The beauty of a whole house big blue water filters system is that special filters can be added if you have these types of problems in your home water supply. They can be used to remove iron, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide or other chemicals in your water supply.

A whole house big blue water filters system can filter anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 gallons of water between filter changes; it all depends on how many contaminants you have in your water.

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