One Tree Hill – The Enthralling Drama TV Series That Is Bound to Captivate You!

Someone’s chickens will ALWAYS come home to roost, this is truly the case in the One Tree Hill TV series. One Tree Hill is set in a small town known as Tree Hill in North Carolina, and the show focuses on the various characters. The show is based around Lucas and Nathan who are half brothers – however the only thing they share in common is their surname. Lucas is a brilliant street-side basketball player; but his river court mates are the only guys who admire his talent. However the affluent Nathan takes all the credit, and he is thought of as the star player for his high school’s team by virtually every in town.

The father of the two boys is former college ball player Dan Scott; whose prior decision to ditch Lucas and his mother (Karen), will come back to burden him long into his life with the wife he later married (Deb) and Nathan, their son.

Dan had been successful in keeping both his sons far apart, until now. However, when Dramacool  the basketball coach of Tree Hill chooses to recruit Lucas to the team, the past and the present catches up with Dan and Nathan.

The competition between the half brothers gets taken to a whole new level when the two boys set their sights on the same girl, Peyton.

The One Tree Hill TV series basically follows the lives and dramas of Lucas, Nathan and their family and friends as they guided through school, married life, and finally through adulthood.

The general consensus from the viewing public is that One Tree Hill is a highly emotional, heart warming and inspirational drama series that is absolutely captivating to watch. The main characters stay in the hearts of the fans thanks to the highly talented actors and actresses on the show. Viewers are captivated by the roller coaster ride of the characters happiness, pain, sadness and love. Many people can relate to this show; from the high school student, to the married adult, the show’s characters continue to inspire people from all walks of life.

As well as inspiring wider audiences One Tree Hill shows that life has it’s ups and downs and without experiencing pain, fear, sadness, anger, disappointment and heartbreak, one would not truly appreciate the joy, love, courage, pride, fulfillment, and accomplishments that ALWAYS turn up and make life truly worth living.

It is easy to see how the much loved One Tree Hill has now lasted 9 seasons and hopefully continue much longer.

No keen fan of this drama will want to see it come to a conclusion, but even when it does finish; the show has had a great run and will always be remembered.


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