The Conundrums of Most Religions That May Provoke Profound Periods of Perplexing Ponderance:-O

For the ever-Deepening Path of my non-denominational universal spiritual philosophies,

I have studied many theologies; some with very in-depth passion.

Although I was born, raised, baptized and even Catechism’d a Catholic!

My inquisitive nature, asked too many questions of:

Why some of our Irish church folks were inspired to

fight and bomb other Irish Christian folks…

often praying for ‘God’s’ blessing to bomb thy neighbor, “HIS” children.

During my youthful Catechism schooling…

It was bad enough when I asked if there was an adult version of these mythic “stories”.

I told the nun that:

“Wow! ‘God’ was really upset with those ancient men from Babel,

Threatening ‘God Almighty by building a tower of sticks & stones to reach ‘Heaven’.

Surely ‘He’ must be extremely mad at the tall buildings in New York!

~ ~ ~

As a child, I pondered this conundrum of religion:

“How many more ‘fibs’ will they make me believe or else face eternal damnation?”

After a meeting with the catholic school principle nun to further understand the deeply spiritual and philosophic concerns of an innocent kid…

I never again had to invest my time in ‘such studies’ during the otherwise endlessly fun summers.

There is a very long list of reasons that so many other folks have thrown out the ‘Spiritual Baby’ along with the dirty dogma bathwater of un-transcended traditional religions.

A tragedy that is beyond measure.

Everyone born has a natural inclination to connect ‘themselves’ to something that is bigger and more meaningful than life as it typically appears with all its struggles and challenges.

The lack of answers by the nuns & “adults” fueled my inquisitive inquires further into ‘seeking’, searching, and pondering the philosophical questions of ‘Life’, the Bigger Picture, and

‘my’ place in the ‘Timeless Wonder of it All’.

Father Thomas Keaton, a recently Transcended Roman Catholic monk and Abbot of St. Joseph’s Abbey, stated that:

“All the world’s religions combine, is at best…

A bad translation of God.

His Deeply contemplative, full immersion of really connecting personally with Spirit was a major breakthrough for progressive Catholics, Christians and even ‘seekers’ from many diverse theologies with his famous ‘Centering Prayer’ mediation.

Like the Theravada Buddhist meditation of Vipassana, typically a 10-day mediation focusing on the direct experiential perception of our True Nature, integrating, morality, mindfulness of breathing, and reflection.

Father Thomas helped create his famous ‘Centering Prayer’ that had a similar approach to contemplating profound scriptures…

(as opposed to the man made up myths, magic and miracles and other dogmas.)

The Tao states that:

Anything that can be read or written…

Is NOT the Tao.

Father Thomas states that:

Silence, is the language of God.

My personal Transcendence of the man made pussy888 up myth, magic and miracles that are required to be taken as ‘God’s’ unquestionable word, or face eternal damnation, was beginning to broaden my path or personal Spiritual growth.

‘Personal’ Spiritual growth was very much not encouraged within most traditional doctrine.

It was more of, “Don’t experience spirit yourself, just take our word for it.”

Again, with the insistence that myths were to be taken, not usefully and metaphorically, but to be taken unquestionable as the word of ‘God’…

or suffer eternal damnation…

Well, with this ‘self-defeating Modus Operandi’…


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